Introducing our Parkie Pup!

Introducing , Callie, our #1 Parkie Pup!

Seven and a half years ago we adopted Callie from a shelter when she was 5 ½ months old, and we got just the best pup ever. She is an AKC Canine Good Citizen™ and revels in the attention from her adoring fans at Grandma’s retirement village. She once saved the life of our fish by alerting us that it had jumped out of the tank which got her a medal from Grandma.

Callie loves exploring the outdoors and sniffing all the good smells. She has good trail manners by always staying on her leash even though she’d really rather follow that squirrel up its tree. When we’re out hiking she carries her own water in her pack and will plop down in a shady spot when she’s had enough. Her favorite days are when we go to Dog Beach to dip our toes in and chase tennis balls in the water. For a doggie that loves the water, Callie hates swimming, and only goes as deep as her paws can still touch bottom.

She is proud to be Parkie Coins’ official Parkie Pup!