Our Story

Parkie Coins is run by husband and wife duo Brian and Debbie Alexander. Brian is finishing up a career as a Naval Officer, and Debbie is a trained wildlife biologist and former Park Ranger. Parkie Coins was the brainchild of Brian, who saw an opportunity to expand the military tradition of challenge coins to a new audience of National Parks fans, or Parkies, after seeing how Debbie and her fellow Parkies collected memorabilia from the various parks they worked in.

Brian started his career off in the Navy as an aviator in carrier jets, and sees contributing towards a greater purpose as the most fulfilling part of his job. He spends his free time walking the dog, and playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. He enjoys growing vegetables and is extremely tolerant of Debbie’s outdoor “adventures”. His hobbies include 3D printing, nights spent looking at the skies with his telescope, and trooping for charity with his Star Wars reenactment garrison.

Debbie is happiest when outdoors in nature. She makes a point of stopping in at Park Service units whenever she is out on the road, and has worked in several National Parks, Seashores, and Recreation Areas. Her favorite animal is the platypus, and she loves hiking and kayaking, despite her severe phobia of getting eaten by a shark. She enjoys travel and hopes to visit every continent.

Parkie Coins mascot is Callie, our #1 Parkie pup. She’s 10 years old now and enjoys sleeping on the bed (using our pillows), lounging in the sunbeam, and trips to the beach. Her favorite foods are froyo, peanut butter, and doggie bagels. Her favorite games are chasing anything that moves, playing hide and seek with mom and dad, and chewing on tennis balls. She loves exploring new places to sniff.